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The 4Ds journeys in order for your business to be POWERFUL are...


Discover your power.

To show up powerful in everything that you do, you first have to define “your why” and “why you”.

You are your business and your brand!

You need to discover what makes you and your business powerful and define how you want to be recognized.

Your role in branding and marketing: what are you trying to say?

Present yourself as an authority figure – People like experts, and if you are trying to build trust with your audience it’s important for them to know, “why you”.

In DNA Method, We will go through a series of guided discovery activities like DNA GPS, DNA Map, and DNA Window to help you to answer these questions. 

Who are you? What makes you unique? What makes you stand out? What makes you magnetic? and most importantly, What makes you and your business valuable. 

Once you are able to define these questions, we will then go through series of activities to apply the knowledge and awareness to actions

Powerful Success Stories

design your audience

How many times do you hear the term “target audience” and my personal favorite, the question “who is your target audience?” When I first started my adventure in marketing a lot of branding firms and marketing agencies asked me that very same question. And at that time I didn’t know the answer.

Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, through trial and error of wanting to solve the mystery “Who is my target audience?”, I noticed that there was a specific audience that I was able to sell my products to without feeling that I was selling. Not only was I not able to keep up with the demands, but I also found out that by presenting to this specific audience, I am able to increase my UPT (unit per transaction) and ATV (average transaction value), and best of all, increase my price which means, in simpler terms more money in the bank and less work time!

Sounds exciting right?

Wait.. there’s more!

How it works:
In this section of The DNA Method, I will let you in my secret formula and cheat sheet called “Root 2 Sky”. In the “Sky” section of this tool, not only will you be able to answer that target customer question, but even better, you will also have the ability to… (drumroll)

DESIGN your own desired customer!

What does that mean? And “why?” you ask.

I had an “aha” moment through my entrepreneurial journey that changed my life! When I found this hack, It is why I wanted to help other people to use this method as well!

Rather than niching my services to cater to a certain industry, Instead, I niched down to a certain group of people that I love serving! If you don’t know what that feels like, the best way for me to describe it is when I wake up in the morning, I look forward to “play”. To this day, this statement is true for me. “If it feels like I’m working, it is not for me.”

And the second question, why this method?

When I applied this method to my business, I was able to grow my business from making an average of $3-5k a month by myself from the first 3 months full time when I started my business to $8-15k a month in less than 6 months that I started my business by working part-time. (I was pregnant at the time.)

Those are not the only changes I implemented in my business. The next step will explain what I did afterward.

Powerful Success Stories

Develop your value

The key to a powerful branding strategy is how valuable your impact is on your customers’ experience

A lot of businesses make branding decisions based on what is “cool” and what will bring them more customers, but in reality, if you want to build a powerful brand that lasts with your clients for years or even decades, it should be based on people’s most deeply felt needs.

The way you can meet that level of needs is to know them! Do your market research. You need to know how people perceive your product, service, and brand.

What is the outcome that my brand can create for my customers that will build an emotional connection between them and your product or service needs that will have an impact on their lives?

How can you apply this to your business?

Using this one sheet mapping and brainstorming activity called Root 2 sky, In the section of “roots”, you will be able to get clarity and understanding of the psychology behind your audience’s decisions and action or lack of.

This tool has been proven not only for my businesses but for other start-ups and seasoned entrepreneurs over and over again throughout their ongoing journey of clarifying their brand strategy and also realigning their business model to optimize the marketing strategies without confusion for growth and impact that they visioned for their brand

Powerful Success Stories

Deliver your brand

Branding is how you want to be perceived. recognized? understood? How do you want to tell your story? What do you say? How do you say it? What do you want people to think of when they hear your name?

What are the words you use that trigger a particular emotional response in others and what feelings come up for them when they engage with your brand?

The DNA Method will let you apply what you have discovered and defined,  the power that makes you valuable, your designed desired audience that you want to serve, the offers that make your customers truly give them what they are looking for, into a brand design that tells a story based on emotions people want in life aka The DNA Brand Story.

Through a series of questions, we’ll explore the attributes that make up your brand Id.

You will be able to use clues from these attributes to brainstorm a more detailed understanding of your brand and its personality traits, its sense of humor, or style for example. You can then apply this insight as you think about how best to showcase and communicate these values through design elements such as colors, elements, and logo to best represent your brand.

Using Brand Id, you will be able to identify the core emotion that we are trying to evoke in each of your customers. We will have compiled a list of words used to trigger an emotional response like

– Trust – Safety – Fun – Excitement- Love – Respect – Happiness

We want to connect with people on an emotional level so they’re less resistant to purchasing from your brand. By understanding these attributes early on, you will be able to start thinking about different ways to relate, connect, and ultimately influence them to help get them what they truly desire.

It’s time for you to stop just talking about your product and start letting your customers feel. Get what you truly desire, and create an irresistible powerful brand that helps change the world, connects people, and inspires others to live their life how they truly want. authentically.

Powerful Success Stories

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