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“Stolen Souls” is a stark depiction of the violently harsh realities of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. 


What makes the penciled artwork so riveting is its meticulous portrayal of the various aspects of the Middle Passage: the capture, the torture, the despair, and the depression.


After a brief stint of homeless in high school, Dee Azlan (the portrait’s artist) was taken in by a loving African American family.  Through the love and comfort of her informally adopted family, Dee commenced her exploration of African American history and spirituality. Her inspiration for “Stolen Souls” came from the love she received from her African American family, historical research, and reflection on her own plight. Dee created the captivating piece during her emotionally exhausting senior year in high school for a 2003 Black History Month competition in Texas. 

From her understanding and appreciation of the Black struggle of the past and today, she acquired a strong admiration for the strength of spirit and resilience that the “Stolen Souls” and their descendants have embodied throughout history.  For Dee, “Stolen Souls” is a tribute and personal dedication to the ability to possess the inner strength to rise above the pain.

The proceeds from the sale of the “Stolen Souls” poster will be donated to the USA for UNHCR. The UNHCR provides hope and opportunity to refugees who have been uprooted from their home country.     

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