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“What am I living for and what am I dying for are the same question.”

You are your business!

Starting a business is like finding your purpose in life. You can’t just blindly go with the first idea that pops up in your head. To find the best business idea for your next adventure in life, you need to explore who you are first,

what you are called to do!

What is your purpose in life?

Are you a teacher, or an artist, or maybe a doctor? Chances are when it comes to starting a business, the answer will be that you are some sort of entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is never just one thing. It’s not about what you do; it’s about who you are and how that shows up in your work.

Studies have shown that business startups based on their purpose, are much more likely to succeed than those which did not. As an entrepreneur, you want to find a business idea that holds meaning for you. When it comes to starting your own business, there are many things to consider- the industry, target audience, or lead generation strategy. But before you get caught up in all of those details, remember this:

will you be fulfilled by this business idea?

You are not your job, but you ARE your business.

Starting a successful company is all about building something that gives you life and meaning on the inside as well as happiness outside of it. That’s where to start! Identify who you are, what you feel passionate about, what makes your heart sing

I would like to introduce to you,

The DNA Method! In this entrepreneurship program, you will have the ability to utilize your gifts and leverage your skills to serve to establish a business model, and more importantly a build a powerful brand that is aligned with your passion and purpose

Starting from the core of your existence to future business goals that you wish to achieve, our program is designed to help you explore it all and master your value. 

Throughout this journey, you will go through four phases where you will reflect introspectively to identify your power. Moreover, you will gain awareness of your value to empower you in multiple facets of your life. 

As a result, you will be ready to dominate in the realm of business!

The dna method

Brand Your Power

Inspiring entrepreneur! I can help you if..

You are experiencing these feelings and realities because…

Thousands of individuals start a business every year, but only a handful of them succeed in achieving their goals. Why do you think that is the case? Simple – they are missing certain important ingredients! Running a business isn’t a one-day job. It requires constant effort, creative ideas, strategic planning, and so much more.

I am here to help discover your passion and align it with your business – giving you the freedom to become a flexible entrepreneur, live life on your own rules, and make the most of your days. With my meticulously designed DNA program, we get to find out about your gifts, talents, passion, and purpose in life. With these essential discoveries, I will educate you on how you can monetize them to build a successful entrepreneurial journey out of them.

“The DNA Method will allow you to establish an authentic business model by utilizing your gifts and leverage your skills to serve your purpose that is aligned with your passion”

Find out the 4 Ds journeys in order for you to start a POWERFUL business