Dee Azlan

What is your power and purpose?

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You are experiencing these feelings and realities because…

Thousands of individuals start a business every year, but only a handful of them succeed in achieving their goals. Why do you think that is the case? Simple – they are missing certain important ingredients! Running a business isn’t a one-day job. It requires constant effort, creative ideas, strategic planning, and so much more.

Your destiny brought you here to me because…

I am here to help discover your passion and align it with your business – giving you the freedom to become a flexible entrepreneur, live life on your own rules, and make the most of your days. With my meticulously designed DNA program, we get to find out about your gifts, talents, passion, and purpose in life. With these essential discoveries, I will educate you on how you can monetize them to build a successful entrepreneurial journey out of it.

Attention Inspiring and Practicing Entrepreneurs! I Can Help You If...

You desire to marry your life’s passion with what you want to do as a business venture.

You are tired of the daily 9 to 5 grind making someone else rich and want to become your boss, set up your schedule on your terms.

You started a business and tried cookie-cutter business solutions that produced no desired outcomes of success whatsoever.

Your business is not aligned with your passion, and you feel overwhelmed while running it and feel like stuck in a box with no freedom that you thought you would gain by being an entrepreneur.

You are lost in the sea of your thoughts like a boat floating with no anchor or direction. I can help you find your passion and purpose in life and teach you how to monetise it to turn it into a business adventure.

BRAND your power

Starting a business is like finding your purpose in life. You can’t just blindly go with the first idea that pops up in your head. To find the best business idea for your next adventure in life, you need to explore who you are first, what you are called to do!
That is exactly what our DNA Method is based upon. Starting from the core of your existence to future business goals that you wish to achieve, our program is designed to help you explore it all and master your value.

I would like to introduce you to my signature entrepreneur program that has transformed businesses and individuals through helping them discover their true power! Throughout this journey, you will go through four phases where you will reflect introspectively to identify your power. Moreover, you will gain awareness of your value to empower you in multiple facets in your life. As a result, you will be ready to dominate in the realm of business!

The DNA Method will allow you to DOMINATE your Niche Authentically! In this entrepreneurship program, you will have the ability to utilize your gifts and leverage your skills to serve to establish a business model, and more importantly a build a powerful brand that is aligned with your passion and purpose

Dee Azlan is a determined, and passionate self-made artist and serial entrepreneur. She is The DNA Method creator who reached her height of glory by overcoming all her challenges by believing in herself, staying true to herself and by achieving goals that she created for herself.

After carefully and earnestly analyzing the lifelong journey that led her to a path of success, she came up with The DNA Method program, which is specifically designed to inspire future entrepreneurs to start a high impact business that is fulfilling while building a powerful brand that is authentic to them.

Started her journey as a makeup artist to pursue her passion in empowering women through makeup and beauty and worked her way up to build multiple successful makeup counters and accounts in department stores for multiple makeup brands while building a team of very driven makeup artist teams.

Later, she moved to the Middle East and launched her makeup and photography studio that reached its height of glory in no time. From serving as a makeup artist and photographer for the royal family to launching her cosmetic line that sold right under $800,000 within the first six months.

Currently, she is settled back in the USA, pursuing her current passion for sharing with the world her entrepreneurial experience and helping aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their passion, achieve their goals, and to reach their full potential.


Mind Your Business

  • This membership is for entrepreneurs who want to focus on what they do best! Minding their business! This will allow you to be the brand! In business, you will realize that you are the star behind the brand! Your ideas, your vision! This is where my personal team will manage you behind the scenes to help fully develop all that makes you into a successful brand.

The Brand Builders

  • This membership is for the DIY entrepreneurs who want to get their hands dirty and are passionate about learning the ins and outs of their business! I started my businesses in this manner before I had my team! The entrepreneurial adventure helped me to really grow and be where I am today! I will be sharing my tips, hacks, and personal stories of my current journey plus all the new things that I'm still learning and discovering!

Brand Therapy

  • In this session, I want to bring back this offer back for a limited time only. With my team of makeup artists, hair stylists, stylist, photographers, and videographers, we will create the visual representation of your ultimate power brand. We will chat about your vision, goals, and where you aspire to be. Then, we will create and celebrate just that! You have to become what you want to be.

The famous artist Michelangelo had the intriguing philosophy looking at a slab of rock with the mindset “How can I help bring out the beauty that is already within this rock?” My mission mirrors Michelangelo’s: I help entrepreneurs discover their passion, purpose that is within them. From there, I guide them on how to leverage their gifts and skills through empowering them with actionable advice and inspiration so they may successfully launch and operate their dream business and brand.

I’ve had the blessed opportunity to mentor hundreds of aspiring business owners through raising their awareness of their true calling to guide the commencement of building a brand while they were in school or still working their job. Consequently, an overwhelming majority of them started their business under my counsel and started making $10k plus in a matter of months.

Sounds like a dream? Wake up! Stop dreaming and let’s make it happen. It’s possible. How do I know? I did it for myself and for many entrepreneurs who are now happily and successfully running a business (or in some cases multiple businesses). The key is that they are doing what they love and are great at doing and become fully established usually within 3-6 months.

In sum, my mission is to make sure that you create the business based on what you love to do so you will never work a day for the rest of your life. How did I get here?

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