Dee Azlan

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The 5 Key Elements of an Effective Logo

Apple. Nike. Amazon. All are majorly successful brands. One sure sign is that we can instantly recognize them by their logos. A good logo does just that: it immediately invokes the company it represents without explanation. Obviously, those logos are so iconic because their associated companies have massive reach. However, small businesses can have memorable logos as well. The key…

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5 Key Sacrifices That GREAT Leaders Make

A great good leader knows that with leadership there comes a long list of priorities. To be a leader, you have to know how to juggle these priorities and the right way to list them in a busy life. Along with priorities, there also comes sacrifices. You’ll often see a good leader make sacrifices that an employee won’t. These are…

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Do You Really Need to Brand Your Business?

Branding is time-consuming and often expensive. From getting your logo, websites, and brochures designed to crafting a content strategy to developing ad campaigns, it can seem overwhelming and costly. Won’t your great business idea attract people without all that extra stuff? Sadly, that quote from Field of Dreams is not true. If you build it, they will not automatically come.…

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Why You Need A Strong Brand

A good, strong brand is essential for any company. You want to stand out from the competition and establish a powerful brand right from your company’s start. After all, your brand is your business, and it’s crucial that you put effort into making sure that it’s as great as it can be. We believe that good branding is critical for…

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