Dee Azlan


What is branding?

One answer is, “It’s the way that you make your company stand out from the rest.” When people think of a brand, they usually think about its logo and color scheme. But what if I told you it was more than that?

Branding is actually driven by psychology!

How do you feel about your favorite brands?

The answer to this question will reveal a lot about how we are affected by branding. Branding not only affects us consciously but also subconsciously because it is driven and powered by the study of psychology. It affects our decisions, actions, and patterns.

"A brand is not about what you say, it’s how you make people feel."

Numerous studies have proven that people buy feelings and experiences when purchasing, rather than just buying things.

One of the most important things you can do as a business is to infuse your brand with a strong emotional appeal that taps into people’s subconsciousness; furthermore, create an irresistible bond between your brand and customers.

Now that you have a clearer understanding of the impact branding has on consumers,

how can you apply the science of psychology to your brand?

It can get overwhelming when an entrepreneur has to define its brand. Dire questions must be answered like: What are you trying to say with your brand? How will this be communicated through the design of your website or marketing material?

(and yes that includes the logo)

I would like to introduce you,

The DNA Method! I created a way that entrepreneurs can explore how one can use branding psychology while being authentic to show up powerfully.

An entrepreneur program that has transformed businesses and individuals by helping them discover what makes their brand powerful!

The DNA Method will allow you to be authentic in their marketing materials or when designing a brand for their company so they are appealing to customers who have an emotional connection with them and therefore buy from them more often.

When executed correctly, The DNA Method is a process that allows you to lead consumers down getting what they want they know or might not know they needed deep within themselves which will generate you these results:

The dna method

Brand Your Power

"Keep in mind that the DNA Method is not just a formula but it is also an art form. It requires both science and creativity for your brand to be authentically attractive to show up powerful."

These powerful ELEMENTS will help drive the psychology behind building strong brand power.

These powerful PRINCIPLES will help drive the psychology behind building strong brand power.

“It is driven by the study of psychology because it has a big effect on our decision-making and action patterns.”

You will not only identify what a brand is in today’s social media, digital age. But you will also be able to outline ways that your company can reach its ultimate potential in terms of revenue generation for your brand as well as the audience's experience and loyalty.

The four-step process is a sequential method that will guide you to build an authentic and powerful brand that can be achieved by using consistent clear branded messaging that will attract customers on both emotional and rational levels.

Find out the 4 Ds journeys in order for you to be a POWERFUL band.