Dee Azlan

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7 Important Things to Remember to be a powerful leader

Trust Yourself. Your gut is there for a reason. When it comes to making decisions, it all comes down to what you decide. Have faith in yourself and have the confidence to make a decision.

Don’t Forget Who You Are. Leadership can change you. Whether this is from a new sense of power or criticism, you will change. It’s important that you don’t forget who you are and what got you where you are.

Failure is a Valuable Lesson. It can be easy to only count the wins when in reality the fails are just as important. Even when you fail, you’re still learning valuable lessons that will help you through your leadership.
Boss VS. Leader

Give credit when its due. A boss will be eager to take credit for what they’ve accomplished, while a leader is willing to step into the shadows and let others accept the credit.

Give requests not commands. When making requests of employees, a boss will be more apt to give a command while a leader will ask. This may seem small, but it’s one of the greatest differences between the two.

Team Effort. A good leader will never ask something that they are not willing and able to do themselves. It will always be a team effort while a boss may be more apt to stay behind while others do the task.

Relationships. Leaders will form relationships with their employees while bosses work through fear. Employees will often be happy to do tasks for a leader based purely on good will, while a boss will instill fear into their requests.

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