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5 Key Sacrifices That GREAT Leaders Make

A great good leader knows that with leadership there comes a long list of priorities. To be a leader, you have to know how to juggle these priorities and the right way to list them in a busy life. Along with priorities, there also comes sacrifices. You’ll often see a good leader make sacrifices that an employee won’t.

These are sacrifices that leaders often assume come with the job and won’t think twice about giving up. So what are these sacrifices? What do leaders willingly give up? Let’s see.

5 Key things that great leaders willing to give up!


A great leader will acknowledge that aiming for perfection isn’t practical. You have to be willing to give when it comes to jobs and tasks. To work through projects, to be able to set a standard for employees, and to accomplish anything, attempting to achieve perfection is never wise.

They know that aiming for perfection with every task will ultimately lead to burnout. This is why they never attempt to push themselves to perfection and never try to hold others to that standard.

Dominate discussion.
The best leaders have a great deal of wisdom and knowledge, and they don’t hold it over other’s heads. They’re willing to share what they know with others to create a better team. The most effective leaders default to intently listening over dominating a discussion. They genuinely value others opinions.

The spotlight.
Not only do great leaders lift as they climb, they do so from the shadows. The best leaders I ever worked for illuminated the work of others while openly demonstrating they didn’t need or want the attention. They realize it’s not about them and that they’re guides to greatness and there to help others become the best version of themselves.

Many employees are eager for credit and the spotlight. If there’s an opportunity to earn credit for what they’ve accomplished, they’ll eagerly take it. Leaders, on the other hand, aren’t always as hungry for the credit. Many great leaders will merely slip back into the shadows when it’s time for credit. They’re okay with letting others get the praise and merely watching from afar.

Bad habits.
You’ll be able to identify a true leader by their focus on the company, customers, and employees. A true leader doesn’t get easily distracted or steered away from their main goal. Employees will easily be able to see the dedication and focus that a leader has for their goals. Great leaders know employees take cues from their behavior (good and bad).

Nothing looks worse than the leader of a company showing up late to a meeting. As a leader, it’s important to acknowledge that your image is important, so leaders have to eliminate any bad or unprofessional habits. Although this isn’t necessarily a sacrifice, leaders have to be more cautious and disciplined when eliminating bad habits that may look unprofessional.

A feature of a true leader is their talent. A leader will have a variety of skills that help guide them through their ventures and they won’t be shy about sharing their skills with others. You’ll be able to easily identify a true leader by their range of talent and skill. But they don’t have the feeling they need to prove themselves. They’re confident enough in themselves to not need to showcase their superiority.

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